What documents do I need for a home loan application?

What documents do I need for a home loan application?

Quite often people can be concerned about the amount of information that they are asked to provide to a bank in order to secure a home loan or refinance an existing one. To some people, the requirements can seem onerous. However, having the services of a skilled finance broker on your side can make all the difference and turn the process from a burden into a breeze.

Each application varies, and the requirements stipulated by the bank will differ depending on your employment status. For example, banks will take into account whether you’re Self Employed or PAYG, or if you’re relying on overtime, bonuses or other Government payments.

Your mortgage broker can help guide you through the information gathering process and provide a secure platform to share documents that the bank requires. Your broker can also automate the collection of bank statement information if you are refinancing an existing mortgage or consolidating debt.

You are not alone in feeling overwhelmed by the sheer sight of the words ‘home loan application’ popping up in your inbox. Pivotal’s role in the process is to do the research, manage the details, and get the best outcome for every client who walks through our doors.

Want to find out more? We can help you with a home loan or refinancing and make the document and information gathering process as painless as possible. Get in contact with Pivotal Financial’s Graeme Christiansen today.

Pivotal Financial is the financial arm of RE/MAX Australia. Pivotal deals with loans, RE/MAX with the home sale. Both businesses serve a common client and can strengthen their offering to their clients, as they are connected by a mutually beneficial partnership.

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