Tips For Selling Your Home When You Have A Pet

Tips For Selling Your Home When You Have A Pet

Tips For Selling Your Home When You Have A Pet

Preparing to sell your home can be a stressful and difficult task for the whole family, especially for those family members who have four legs and are covered in fur. Here are our top tips for selling your home when owning a pet to make the most out of your open home inspections.


Be prepared!

The first step to selling your home when you own a pet is to discuss with your agent the lengths you are comfortable with when making arrangements for your open house inspections. Remember, your agent is there for you and wants the best for your family during the process. If you are comfortable with your pet being taken away from the property during inspections, ensure that you place your pet in the care of someone you trust. If however, you are not comfortable with removing your pet from the property, make sure your agent is aware. This will ensure prospective buyers are informed that there is a pet on the premises and is not to be disturbed.

Inspect your property thoroughly

Invite a friend or your real estate agent to help inspect your home carefully for any damage, odours or stains that may have been caused by your pet. A bad smell, stain or damage can deter potential buyers from purchasing your property. A second pair of eyes and a nose that is unfamiliar to your home can help ensure you don’t miss any signs that may discourage buyers.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Here comes the fun part – cleaning. Be mindful that some buyers may have a dislike, phobia or fear of pets. Clean with the intention of ridding any signs that your pet resides in your home. Depending on your budget, you can choose between hiring a professional cleaner or doing-it-yourself. If your pet was kept mostly outside, consider hiring a landscaper to renovate any damage your pet may have caused to your yard, like scratched up fence poles or holes in your lawn.

It may be a little upsetting, but to impress your prospecting buyers, ensure all pet-related objects have been deep cleaned and put away out of the buyer’s sight. If you opt for cleaning the property yourself, ensure to deodorise the floors thoroughly and wipe down all the walls with disinfectant to kill any germs. Repair any interior and exterior damage that may have been caused such as scratches and bite marks to help you get the most value from your property and your potential buyers.


Now that you have successfully cleaned your property, you are now ready for your upcoming, exciting open home inspections.

Preparing your pet for showings

If you are unable to find a temporary home for your pet during inspections, there are a few tricks to pull out when an unexpected inspection arises. If you have a dog, take them for a short walk around your neighbourhood while the inspection is taking place. A walk with your best buddy will help you relax a little while your trusted agent shows off your beautiful, pet-free home.

In the case of cats, invest in a crate and have them kept inside during the inspection. An excellent place to keep them is in the laundry. Make sure that their litter tray is hidden away and freshly cleaned. Remember to inform your trusted agent that your pets will be kept on the premises so that they can kindly notify prospecting tenants, and ask them not to disturb your beloved animals.

If you are struggling to find a friend, family member, or neighbour to look after your fluffy family members, or you’re looking for longer-term accommodation, a pet resort is another great option. Samford Pet Resort even offers free pet pickup and delivery from over 30 locations across Brisbane, so you can spend more time focused on preparing your home.

Pet-Friendly Pitch

By now you would have discussed with your agent your property’s best features. Owning a pet can seem like a burden, and all the preparation you have done may feel disheartening. However, use owning a pet as a strength to prospecting buyers who are looking for a pet-friendly home. Highlight your property’s secure fences, large backyard or nearby parks, vets and grooming salons. Celebrate your beloved animal and his presence, but also remain aware that not all prospective buyers are fans of animals like you are. The aim is to appeal to all buyers with a range of different lifestyles and prove to them that your home is the best fit.

If you’re thinking of selling your Brisbane home, contact RE/MAX Profile today. We can assist you with your budgeting strategy and provide the best advice when selling your home if you own a pet. Feel prepared, confident and ready to sell your home with our wonderful team of trusted RE/MAX agents.