Tips for Selling your Brisbane Inner City Apartment in 2018

Tips for Selling your Brisbane Inner City Apartment in 2018

Tips for Selling your Brisbane Inner City Apartment in 2018

Article by Stephen Pahl

Selling your apartment can be a stressful process. If you are unsure of which steps to take when preparing your apartment for sale, then stress no more, because I have compiled some simple and practical tips for selling your Brisbane Inner City apartment.

1. Be prepared & make a plan

Being prepared is essential when selling your apartment, so ensure you are organised and make a plan before the process begins. Having a plan will not only save you endless stress, but it will also help you set up for success. The first step is to declutter your apartment. During this period, you’ll also want to conduct any necessary maintenance on the property. Another great tip is to start researching real estate agents along with the market and the positioning of your area. Once you’ve finished your research, compile your notes and make a plan for the sale of your apartment.

2. Staging your home for success

Staging your home correctly can have an incredible impact on potential buyers. To make a memorable first impression, furnish and/or decorate your apartment with the intention of how you would like to view an open house. For example, a clean, tidy and trendy environment will ensure potential buyers will feel welcomed, comfortable and joyful. Some other things to think about when staging your apartment include:

  • Highlighting room features
  • Adding mirrors to create the illusion of more space
  • Making the most of any outdoor space
  • Where possible adding bold features
  • Creating more space wherever possible
  • Using virtual furniture in photos if staging is not an option

You’ve now done most of the groundwork in preparing your home; however, the next step is choosing an agent to help sell your home. As an experienced RE/MAX agent in Brisbane, I can view your property and suggest ways to improve it for sale.

Tips for Selling your Brisbane Inner City Apartment in 2018

3. Choose your agent wisely

There are many benefits to having an agent help you sell your apartment. However, the most important step to take when preparing your apartment for sale is taking the time to choose the perfect agent for you. Finding a professional agent who values your opinions and has your best interests in mind can be difficult. Be careful and look for the signs of a desperate agent.

When choosing your agent, keep the following in mind to ensure you hire the right person to sell your apartment.


  • Check their license to sell your property. Every agent should have an up-to-date license for the state they are selling in.
  • Research your agent’s success rate of sales in your local area.
  • Meet with them first to engage with their personality. If they seem to ‘salesy’ and pushy, then you probably want to steer clear from them. If you feel comfortable with your agent and you feel they want the best result for you, then they’re probably the right choice.
  • Check their market knowledge – they should be able to provide you with thorough research and reports on the current market which will guide you in the sales and marketing process.
  • Ask if they are continually upskilling with training programmes.
  • Confirm they work with an agency with years of experience.


4. Choosing the right method of sale

Choosing the right method of sale for your apartment can be difficult. That’s why it’s important to have an experienced agent by your side. An agent will help you decide which sale option will help you achieve a premium sale price.

Although each property is unique, and can potentially be successfully sold by either private sale or auction, there are many case studies which prove how auctions can benefit the seller and the buyer. That’s why it’s a smart move to discuss with your agent about all available options when choosing the right method of sale for your Brisbane Inner City apartment.

Tips for Selling your Brisbane Inner City Apartment in 2018

5. Trust your agent and the process

The next steps in the selling process include agreeing on the conditions of sale with your agent, preparing the vendors statement, marketing your property, open home inspections, the sale of your home and then finally, settling. Although this process may seem long and tiring, the best thing to do is trust your agent through the process. Their focus is on guiding you through the sales process which can lower your stress levels and will ensure the sale of your apartment is smooth sailing.

If you’re looking to sell your Brisbane Inner City apartment, contact Stephen Pahl today. Stephen is an expert in the industry with years of experience in Brisbane real estate and is passionate about achieving the dream price for his clients.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of RE/MAX Profile Real Estate, the Global RE/MAX network or its agents.