Should You Invest in Home Staging Before Selling Your House?

Should You Invest in Home Staging Before Selling Your House?

Should You Invest in Home Staging Before Selling Your House?

Making a positive first impression is a top priority at every open home viewing. You want to appeal to as many buyers as possible, and convince them that your home is the dream property they’ve been looking for.

But how do you simultaneously achieve a stylish and neutral, yet homey and welcoming space that appeals to a wide variety of people? It’s a challenging feat! And may require not only a few changes around your home but also a professional’s opinion.

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Home staging is seeing a surge in popularity of late, among properties of all values. But how do you know that you’ll reap the benefits of investing in home staging? Is it guaranteed to be reflected in your final sale price? We delve into the reasons why so many sellers are choosing to spend on home staging, and how it may pay off for your property.

You may need an unbiased third party to de-personalise your space.

The first step to successful home staging is decluttering and de-personalising. This means taking the magnets and takeaway menus off the fridge, packing away the family photos, getting all the junk off the kitchen counter and removing the ten extra products covering the floor of the shower. It can be difficult to clear all this stuff from your home, as it will inevitably transform it into a stranger’s house. And this can dredge up all kinds of sentimental feelings about selling up and moving out. To the extent that you may try to hold onto things in their current place in your home for longer than it’s wise to do so.

You might think that photo of your cat in a burrito costume is the cutest centrepiece in your bedroom and that it will endear people to buy your house. But not all people are cat people. And even fewer people are cats-in-costumes people. You may need someone who unequivocally knows this to tell you it’s time to pack it away until you reach your new home.

Similarly, if your lounge room is a cozy haven of printed quilts and mounds of cushions, this may be lovely and homey in Winter but isn’t something that typically attracts buyers. An experienced home stager will know that opening up your lounge room and creating light and space is the best way to get your house sold. They’ll also advise you to remove anything distracting; you want your viewers focused on the quality of the house, not your eight-year old’s merit certificate for good behaviour!

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Although you may think your tastes are the height of sophistication, others may not.

It sounds harsh, but it’s true. As we touched on above, it’s crucial that your house achieves widespread appeal, not niche appeal. Many buyers rely on their ‘gut feeling’ to judge whether a property is suitable for them. So it goes without saying that any objects that may be controversial (religious, political, historical), or trigger a negative subconscious feeling, have got to go. You don’t want any potential buyer walking into a room and crossing themselves to ward off any bad juju that they may sense!

Likewise, what you may think is ‘artistic,’ others may find disturbing or in bad taste. Style, art and taste are very personal things and should be embraced in the home! Just not a home that you want to sell. Someone experienced in home staging will be able to pinpoint even the most seemingly innocuous objects and recognise if they’ll trigger a negative response in viewers. They’ll be able to tone it down and make it neutral, yet appealing and home-like, while still stylish. It’s a fine balancing act to achieve, and that’s why there are specialists in the area of home staging!

Home staging can assist your property to sell faster, and for more.

Home stagers know how to set your property apart from its competitors. They can hand pick pieces of furniture and accessories such as cushions and vases that will make your house’s unique features pop. Utilising modern, on-trend interior design in your home will set it a bar above the other properties in your area, add a higher level of sophistication and bring new life to a house that may be decades old. And with so many sellers opting for home staging during their sales process these days, if you want to stay ahead of the competition, it’s always recommended.

The Australian reported earlier this year that up to 40% of homes in Australia’s major inner city suburbs are being staged before buyer inspections are carried out. And it isn’t just seven bedroom mansions overlooking the water in Darling Point in Sydney, either. Many houses selling for less than $800,000 are jumping on the bandwagon too. Why? Because home staging can add tens of thousands onto your sale price, and can even halve the time that your house is on the market for.

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It doesn’t have to be super expensive.

At this point, you’re probably wondering, “just how much is this going to set me back?” The good news is, it doesn’t have to cost you an exorbitant amount up front. It may just be that you need new decor to liven up your existing furniture, and a few modern touches here and there. Obviously, if you need to remove your existing furniture and hire all new suites for the duration of your open home process, it’s going to be more expensive. However, this may be worth it to increase your overall sale price. It’s always best to discuss a strategy with your real estate agent that reflects your budget and lands you with the best possible results.

Many people think that they may need to enlist professional home staging companies to help them get their house ready for viewings. But there are many real estate agents with a wealth of experience in home staging, and even interior design. Their knowledge of buyer habits will also offer an invaluable insight into your home staging decisions. Always discuss home staging with your agent before jumping the gun and hiring the most prestigious interior design company in your area. Your agent may be able to offer advice regarding staging, and the buyer market that is wholly beneficial, and much more affordable, for you and your selling experience.

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