Selling Your Home 101: All Questions Answered with Experienced Agent, Helen Bryan.

Selling Your Home 101: All Questions Answered with Experienced Agent, Helen Bryan.

Article by Helen Bryan

When it comes to selling your home, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. You may have billions of questions whizzing around your head, all demanding to be answered lest you have another sleepless night.

But don’t worry, sleep IS possible throughout the sales process. And calming those nerves starts with finding answers. Which is why I’ve put together a list of the most common questions I’m asked whenever I’m approached by a client looking to sell their home. I hope these FAQ’s shed light on what you can expect before, during and after you sell your house.

Please note: these are quick, concise answers to sometimes broad questions. If you require more detailed responses, please contact me to chat about your specific property.

What is my home worth and what do I need to know before selling?

This is often the first question homeowners have when they decide to sell. But valuing a home is a much more detailed process than taking one look at the property and plucking a random figure off the top of your head! It involves consideration of the suburb you live in, similar competing properties in your area, the quality of surrounding infrastructure and facilities, and a detailed analysis of the condition of the property itself.

The first step to valuing a property would be to contact an agent with experience selling homes in your suburb or region. After looking at your house, they will be able to provide a market appraisal and comparable sales in the area. From there you can discuss methods of sale and any other questions you may have. Your agent will make you aware of any paperwork, reports, inspections and repairs you will need to get in order before putting your house on the market.

How can I get the best price for my home?

Everyone wants to attain the best possible price for their property, and sometimes competition can be fierce! There are two key things that I think make all the difference when it comes to landing that dream figure.

  1. Using quality photos in your marketing. Great presentation is important, and you want to make sure your buyers experience a memorable first impression of your property for the right reasons.
  2. Choose an experienced agent who is skilled in marketing and negotiation. Having a firm but friendly agent in your corner is so important when revealing your house in its best light and negotiating the right sale price.


Why does my agent want me to have an open house?

To put it plainly, it’s to save you stress. An open home reduces the number of people wandering through your home and lessens the pressure you feel to maintain an impeccably clean and tidy house for the entire time your property is on the market.

Multiple people inspecting at once also helps to create competition, urging buyers to make higher offers. The crowd and sign on your front lawn will draw the attention of people driving by, and perhaps persuade them to come and have a look, even if they aren’t actively searching. It opens up the market to a broader audience.

There’s no need to be anxious about having strangers in your home during an open inspection. Your agent will collect everyone’s details before they enter the house and encourage you to put away all your valuables, personal items, and paperwork. Your agent and their team will be closely monitoring people as they walk around, assessing potential buyers and pointing out the various unique features of your property.

When we sell, do we have to settle in 30 days?

If you are more comfortable with a longer settlement, speak to your agent. They can talk to buyers and negotiate for you. It’s common to have 30, 60 or even 90-day settlements. Your agent will do their best to accommodate your requests, but will also provide invaluable advice when it comes to appeasing a buyer to gain the best sale price.

Why would my agent request that I have a building inspection done prior to putting my house on the market?

It saves any surprises once the property is under contract. Being aware of, and fixing any major faults before your house is listed for sale will lessen the risk of the contract falling through because of a building inspection carried out when the property is under contract. It also helps to reduce the number of days your house is on the market for, and it may save the buyer having the contract subject to a building and pest inspection.

When selling our home, should we get professional photos done?

Yes, photos can make all the difference between a buyer inspecting the property or disregarding it as unsuitable. No one will click on an online property advertisement with grainy, dark feature images. A professional photographer will know how to stage your home to achieve the best results. They will take into consideration lighting and angles, and be able to use a wide angle lens so that rooms don’t appear cramped in photos. A professional photographer will see things that you cannot; recognising when something is out of place and balancing the photograph so that everything in your home is harmonised and visually appealing.

Do I need a “for sale” sign?

I always tell clients dubious about putting up a “for sale” sign that it’s hard to sell a secret. I would recommend it as people often drive around the streets they want to buy in and neighbours may have friends or relatives looking to buy in the area. A “for sale” sign piques people’s curiosity and spreads the word that you’re selling to more buyers.

Do I need to put my address on the advertising?

In this day and age, it’s understandable that you may want to keep your address off the internet. But buyers are put off if the address isn’t displayed on a property for sale advert. It immediately places doubt in their mind, and they suspect that something is wrong with the property location. Buyers like to do their research before inspecting the property, which may involve a driveby. If you have concerns about maintaining privacy and security during the sales process, chat with your agent. They will do their best to offer solutions that will dispel any uneasiness you may be feeling.

I’m going away for a few weeks. Should I list my property before leaving or when I return?

Listing before you go away has a few advantages. It’s easier for you and involves less stress as you only need to tidy the house once for viewings. The agent can bring buyers through any time of the day, without inconveniencing you. It also means that someone will be checking on your home regularly while you’re away. Just make sure that the person who has the key is the only person, and that they are responsible for the property and its security.

I hope you’ve found this FAQ informative! Do you have any further questions about the sales process, or what do when selling your home? Please feel free to contact me to discuss your property and how to start your ‘for sale’ journey!

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