Sellers How to Make a Good First Impression Without the Stress!

Sellers: How to Make a Good First Impression Without the Stress!

Sellers: How to Make a Good First Impression Without the Stress!

Article by Helen Bryan

Unfortunately, the championed phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” doesn’t really apply to a buyer’s first impression of your property. Indeed, sometimes it can feel as though those initial encounters fuel the real estate market.

So much so, that sellers often find themselves in a whirlwind of stress attempting to stage the perfect open home or private viewing. A lot is riding on wowing your buyers from the offset, so of course, you’re feeling the pressure! But don’t forget that you aren’t in it alone; there are reinforcements that you can call upon to ease the anxiety of getting everything just right. Here are my top tips for how you can manage the perfect home staging without sending yourself into a tizz of worry!

Call in the cleaners

One of the first things you need to do is give your house a good, top-to-bottom clean. But if you’re short on time, and your property is large, this can be easier said than done. There may be a few nooks and crannies that haven’t been touched in a while and require a good dose of elbow grease to get them sparkling again. You would be surprised at the level of scrutiny viewers apply when judging how well looked after something is! It’s essential that your home appears as though you’ve lovingly utilised, and maintained, all space (even if you haven’t touched the cupboard in the garage since you moved in!). You want to convince buyers that your entire house is worth the investment. Hire cleaners to carry out the niggly, time-consuming jobs like scrubbing grime from around the door handles, removing dirt from window frames and dusting the tops of the fans. Deep cleaning your entire property could take you a full day (or two!), but a team of trained professionals will knock it over in a few hours, with no crevice overlooked!

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Consult with a good handyman (or lady!)

No doubt there’ll be a few odd jobs which require your attention before you open your home for viewings. There may be fence posts to straighten, dents in the walls to fill, or cupboard hinges to realign. They are things that you could probably do yourself, but don’t feel entirely confident carrying out, or don’t have the time to attend to. Getting a handyman in to see to all these small jobs can be incredibly convenient. It means you don’t have to make time to get to Bunnings for all the odds and ends that you’ll require, or fiddle about fixing something frustrating that you know should be simple, but somehow is not! Small jobs like this can build up, and sometimes it’s better to get them out of the way by hiring someone to help you out. You may even have a resourceful friend or relative that will give you mate’s rates!

Order fresh flowers through a florist

If you’re staging one open home rather than a series of private viewings, ordering fresh flowers for the big day can vastly improve the look and feel of your property. Ensure that the flowers only have a subtle aroma, as you don’t want to aggravate a potential buyer’s hayfever! Australian native flowers are always a sensible option, as they tend to have less pollen, but will freshen up living spaces with a homey feel. Consider having the flowers delivered in the morning, before your open home. You’ll feel less stressed if you know you don’t have to nip out to collect them, and can instead focus on ensuring everything is just right in the house.

If you’re staging your home for private viewings, peppering your house with pot plants is a more economically sensible option than having flowers delivered for every walk-through. See if you can borrow plants from friends or neighbours for a few weeks (be sure to take good care of them!). Indoor plants will liven up your home, without the added stress (and strain on your wallet) of needing to arrange fresh flowers for every viewing.

Hire furniture with free delivery.

Is your home looking a little sparse, or do you need to present rooms differently to how you have been using them? If you’ve been utilising the third bedroom as your yoga space, you may want to transform it into a guest room or children’s room to stage your property. This will appeal to more buyers and allow them to envision how the house may look as a family home. But if you’re lacking in bedroom suites, you may like to consider hiring furniture to achieve the desired fit-out. Make sure you look out for furniture rental companies in your area that offer free delivery and installation. Having to hire a trailer, or borrow a friend’s ute to pick up bulky items of furniture yourself is time-consuming and often turns into a major hassle! Banish these setbacks by taking advantage of free services and deals in your neighbourhood.

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Enlist the assistance of your agent.

Don’t forget that your real estate agent is there to help! They will more than likely have many years of experience assisting their clients to stage open homes. Furthermore, they will provide an invaluable insight into what it is buyers will be looking out for. Chat with them about furniture arrangements and small touches which will make your home’s unique features pop. They may also be able to recommend reliable florists, handymen and cleaners that they have dealt with in the past. Your agent is there so that you don’t have to shoulder all the stress yourself! Accepting their assistance and utilising their knowledge means less worry for you, and a better shot at your dream price!

Helen Bryan uses her 19 years of experience in the real estate industry to create a calm, positive and enjoyable selling experience for her clients. Helen has successfully sold many homes within the Booval, Bundamda, Riverview, Redbank, Redbank Plains, Flinders View, Karana Downs, Karalee and Moggill areas (4301, 4304, 4305 and 4306). Contact Helen today to sell your home, without the stress!

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