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How to Get The Most From Your Open Home Inspection

How to Get The Most From Your Open Home Inspection

Holding an open home inspection is a great way to expose your property to the market place. The biggest advantage is that you can go from zero viewings to crowds of eager potential buyers in just 1 hour!


Key advantages of open home inspections

Large numbers at an open home inspection can bolster a property’s sale price due to the expectation of increased competition among buyers. Buyers often feel pressured to act sooner when faced with a crowd of competitors and expect to have to increase their price to stay in the game.

Another major advantage to opening your home for inspection is the convenience for the seller. Your property is clean and ready for inspection on a scheduled basis.This means that there are minimal interruptions to your daily lifestyle because you have the ability to plan ahead.

Open home inspections also attract a wider demographic of buyers, including those that might make competitive offers but are not committed to organising a private inspection. People feel less pressured at an open home inspection, and often those who are just shopping the market will show up. You never know, if your home ticks all the boxes for a potential buyer, they might be likely to make a better offer, sooner.


Tips for a successful open home inspection:
  • Have a well-tailored marketing campaign in order to attract prospective buyers.
  • Make sure you have a signboard. Placing a “for sale” sign on your property is vital. Remember, you want to tell the world that your property is for sale.
  • Make sure your front garden is appealing: the lawns neatly mowed and driveway clear with an inviting yard.
  • Give the house a thorough clean. This may seem obvious but it’s SO important. Yes, we’re even talking about dust off the skirting boards and a wet rag to the window tracks. Make sure you aren’t just stuffing everything into the nearest cupboards, either. Buyers have been know to open drawers and inspect wardrobes to assess the fitouts.
  • Just before the inspection, turn on the lights, make sure the air fresheners are subtle but pleasant and play some soft background music to set the mood.
  • If you have a pet, make sure they have somewhere safe to stay out of sight during the inspection. Consider taking them for a walk, to a friend’s house or a pet resort. You don’t want to put off potential buyers who are not keen on animals.
  • Carefully place particularly sentimental or breakable objects away to reduce the risks of accidents occurring.


What your real estate agent should be doing

Your real estate agent should have an eagle eye at your open home inspection! They will record the names and contact information of all walk-ins. This is for both security reasons, and so they know how to follow up interested buyers. They should be approachable and knowledgeable about all aspects of your property in order to answer any questions. They should also get there early to check the property, open doors and windows and be ready and prepared for the keen early buyers.

They’ll work the room, pointing out key features and your properties’ strengths. A great real estate agent will individually address each potential buyer and assess the serious candidates so that they can make follow up calls suggesting private inspections afterwards.


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