How To Sell Your Brisbane Home After A Divorce

How To Sell Your Brisbane Home After A Divorce

How To Sell Your Brisbane Home After A Divorce

Going through a divorce is not an easy process and separation of assets can make it even more difficult, especially if there’s property involved. However, there are some steps you can take to make the process of selling your Brisbane home after a divorce, a little smoother. The first step is the most difficult – and that’s coming to an agreement.

It is best to be 100% sure you want to sell. If you put it on the market and the house receives offers and you reject them because one party is still undecided, the property may go stale and you might end up selling for less because of this.

Selecting your agent and agreeing on a price to sell

Hopefully, by this stage, you have both come to the agreement that you wish to sell your home. Choosing the right agent to sell your Brisbane home will save you from a world of frustrations. They can help guide you through this emotional process while providing the best advice to you. You may request all feedback during the process so that it goes to all parties to keep everyone informed. A professional agent will do their best and provide feedback for all. Your agent can also help you by:

  • Advising on home improvements (such as maintenance repairs, staging and gardening renovations)
  • Tips on budgeting
  • Guiding you in the sale process
  • Deciding which method of sale is best. An auction may be the best way to determine the market price to be sure you get the most money. Remember, at auction, you’ll have a reserve price, which is your safety net. In other words, the property can’t be sold below that number. Of course, if the house is in both names then both parties need to agree on the final sale price.
  • Mediating between both parties on negotiating the best sale price
  • Make the most out of your open home inspections
  • Finding the right solutions for you when selling

Selling your home and getting the best price

Our agents will go above and beyond for their clients. They want the best for you. They will strive to get the best price for your property by using their experience, skills and unique selling techniques to market your home to potential buyers. They will ensure that you get the most value from the sale, but it’s up to you and your former partner to decide on the final split of the sums. If you’re living in the home and feeling understandably upset due to the situation at hand, it is important to try present the home at it’s best, clean and tidy etc. Brighten up the home with pops of colour and add light and space which can help lift your mood. Your real estate understands the difficulty of going through a divorce and can help assist you by providing links to services such as cleaners and trades to help present the home at it’s best.

Settling on an agreement:

In a perfect world, a 50-50 split is an ideal outcome when settling your assets. However, in most cases, this isn’t the result, especially when kids are involved. If you both cannot agree on settling, a court hearing might have to decide the outcome; this can be very costly and sometimes a bitter journey. If you both decide on settling outside of court getting legal advice from a divorce attorney is the best option. Remember you can sell the house and decide the % split between you afterwards – just arrange between your solicitors for the funds to be held in trust until an agreement is made. In fact, this can be beneficial as you then know your final amounts when working out the settlement. Either way, consider these points when agreeing to avoid any excess stress or complications:

  • Your combined assets (such as property, investment shares, household equipment/furniture, debentures, bonds, bank accounts, etc.)
  • Your individual owned assets
  • Your combined debts (loans, mortgages, credit card debt)
  • Any other financial contributions including inheritances and shared stakes in businesses
  • Contributions to your finances

If you are going through a divorce and are looking for a compassionate and experienced agent, we have some of the best real estate agents who will take care of everything. We will look after you during this stressful time by using tailored marketing campaigns to reach prospecting buyers to achieve a premium result. If you’re looking to sell your Brisbane home while being supported by passionate agents, do not hesitate to give us a call now. We can assure you that our agents will be the best fit for you in selling your home after a divorce.