How to Prepare Your House for Sale at Short Notice

How to Prepare Your House for Sale at Short Notice

How to Prepare Your House for Sale at Short Notice

Ask anyone who is trying to sell a property what their top two concerns are, and they’ll almost always say the sale price, and the length of time the house is on the market.

This is why, when your real estate agent assures you that they can get interested buyers who wish to view the property within just a handful of days, you may jump at the offer. The quicker the turnaround, the less money you’ll be spending on marketing and fees. But how can you prepare for an open home inspection and transform your messy and worn home so that it’s ready in such a short amount of time? It sounds a bit stressful, but it’s definitely doable if you snap into proactive mode. And it can really pay off if those buyers make an offer. Here’s what to do.

Break it all down

To kick off this whirlwind working bee, you’ll need to make a list of everything in the house that needs fixing, sprucing up, removing and zhushing. Write them all down and then carefully prioritise the tasks, putting anything that requires a tradesperson at the top of the list. We all know how difficult it can be to get a hold of tradies at times, so lock in these appointments first! Chat with your expert real estate agent, as they may know reliable tradies that they can call on short notice.


Once all tasks are prioritised, it’s time to delegate. Yes, this means you’re going to have to ask for assistance. Remember that mate you helped move house last month? Call them up! It’s time to cash in on that favour. Even if it’s just for one day on the weekend, many hands make light(er) work. Be sure to delegate to people’s strengths, too. If your Dad has zero patience and a heavy hand with a pair of secateurs, don’t put him in charge of pruning the hedge in the front yard.

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Focus on one task at a time

When you look at that massive list, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. But if you break the jobs down into manageable portions, and give them rough time estimates, you’ll start to feel more confident in getting it all done. Concentrate on cleaning and tidying first, then on staging the home so that it looks stylish, bright and spacious.

Out of sight, out of mind (for now)

Part of the cleaning and tidying process will include decluttering. Remember, you want your house to be distraction-free, minimalist yet inviting. So it will be necessary to pack up many of your personal possessions in preparation for an open home or buyer viewing. You may be tempted to start packing systematically for your imminent move, but this takes up a lot of precious time. Aside from making sure that all possessions from the one room are kept together, leave the strategic packing until you’re in the settlement period. You may need to store your boxed belongings somewhere else for the open home. If you cannot temporarily overtake a friend or family member’s garage, consider renting a storage unit.

Think like a buyer

You want your garden beds to look pristine when buyers show up to inspect your property; after all, it’s the first thing they will see upon pulling up in the driveway. But putting down fresh manure just before the viewing is a massive no-no. While it may provide your plant babies with the nutrients that they need to thrive, it also wreaks for days! And it will be VERY apparent to viewers that you’ve carried out these fixes recently, implying that the house and surrounding yards need work and upkeep. While every buyer may know this in the back of their minds, you don’t want them to be reminded of it straight off the bat. You should ask an experienced real estate agent what they think is best, for example, they might suggest adding mulch and flowing plants will show the yard is bright, tidy, and easy to maintain.

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Communicate with your agent

Be sure to stay in contact with your real estate agent during the lead up to the open home. Remember that they are there to help you, and can provide professional insights on how you can stage your home to appeal to buyers. They also tend to have a wealth of contacts that can assist you in getting your property in tip-top shape in the nick of time! These range from cleaners to interior designers, furniture hire companies to gardeners. Utilise their knowledge, get to work and when things get tough, keep your eye on the prize! A quick sale for the best price can save you from many expenses!

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