How to Negotiate the Best Sale Price for Your Property

How to Negotiate the Best Sale Price for Your Property

How to Negotiate the Best Sale Price for Your Property

When it comes to selling your home for your dream price, employing the right real estate agent has never been more important. After all, your agent will act as the lead negotiator during the property transaction, so it’s essential to find someone with outstanding service, a top-notch marketing strategy and a track record of success.

Let’s not forget the open and honest discussions, either! At the end of the day, your agent will likely be negotiating the final sale price with multiple parties, and your interests are paramount during these discussions.

Transparency is the key to real estate success.

At the heart of any strong relationship is transparency. Being open, honest and, above all, communicative is so important in the agent-client relationship. The secret to negotiating your best price is to employ the right agent. You should choose someone that you can engage in candid discussions with about your financial needs, what your future plans are and the desired outcome.

Before you hire your agent, ask them to give you examples of what they will say to your buyer to encourage them to pay more. Ask for examples of properties they have sold for full price or more than the asking price or reserve price. They should be able to provide these to you, and this will demonstrate their ability to get more than the owner may accept. Ultimately, it’s your agent’s job to act in your best interests and get the best price they can.

The art of negotiation is more important than you think.

There’s so much more to negotiating a purchase price than meets the eye. It’s a fine art, requiring careful research, experience and a clear plan. From upfront discussions with buyers to managing counter-offers and back-and-forth communication, the negotiation process requires a level of skill that can only be acquired with many years of practice.

Staging Room Checklist

Your final sale price will likely be the result of many emails, phone calls, lengthy discussions and written offers. It’s very rare that a buyer offers once and the price is accepted. It’s your agent’s responsibility to ensure that buyers are offering as much as they can afford. They’re there to defend your dream price and provide knowledge about market value to ensure those who are serious are willing to present a decent offer.

If you are thinking of selling and looking for a market leader to assist in the sale of your home, we would love to assist you! Contact us today to find out how we can help you negotiate your dream price.