What is a Full-Service Real Estate Agent and Why You Need One

What is a Full-Service Real Estate Agent and Why You Need One.

Written by Ryan Smith, Licensed Real Estate Agent.

Hybrid real estate companies attract sellers by offering cheap online marketing and low commissions fees. But that’s about it, you’re left to your own devices to get your house sold with no help or support if you need it. Is the stress really worth an abysmally low fee? If you’re after a fast sale, a top price and superior negotiation skills, hybrid agencies suffer by comparison with a full-service real estate agent.


What’s the full-service difference?

Unlike hybrid agencies, with a full-service real estate agent, you get every aspect of the transaction taken care of. They know the process inside out! For sellers who don’t feel comfortable handling the legal aspects of such a large financial transaction, it’s a much more preferable way of doing things. After all, do you really want to sell the biggest asset you own online? It’s a huge risk and you could be waiting months to get your house sold.


So what does a full-service agent do for you?

Stage your home
A full-service real estate agent will know how to present your home in its best light. They’ll take a tour around your house, suggest small improvements to attract buyers and find ways to make those unique features really stand out. They will consider things like season, weather and the time of day that your home is open for inspection.


Work around your schedule
A full-service real estate agent will come to you. They’ll go out of their way to meet you at times that suit your lifestyle, and arrange inspections and open home appointments that won’t disrupt your home life.


Have a network of buyers
A real estate agent with experience and personality will have a network of buyers at their fingertips. They’ll have dedicated time to getting to know the local community and having contacts to call upon when you’re selling your home.


Know your neighbourhood/target market
This also means that they’re people smart. They know how to pinpoint and market to your target audience. They’ll offer innovative marketing strategies to reel in and attract potential buyers to your home.


Most importantly, a full-service real estate agent is an excellent negotiator. They aren’t going to settle for asking price. A real estate agent who knows how to negotiate will strike a hard bargain. They will be able to read a situation so that they know when to push higher to get better results.


Choosing an agent who will take care of everything.

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