7 Essential Things to Consider When Selling Your Brisbane Apartment

7 Essential Things to Consider When Selling Your Brisbane Apartment

7 Essential Things to Consider When Selling Your Brisbane Apartment

Article by Stephen Pahl

So you’re thinking about selling your apartment. How exciting! Whether you’re moving for investment purposes or upgrading to a bigger home, the process of selling your apartment can become tricky if you’re not prepared. If you’ve never put a property on the market, the process of selling can become daunting. So I’ve organised seven essential things to consider when preparing to sell your Inner Brisbane City Apartment.

1. Make lists

Although apartments seem like a smaller and more manageable version of real estate than houses, you’d be surprised at how many people underestimate the number of things which need to be completed and how long they’ll take. This can definitely throw a spanner in the works when selling apartments, so it’s important to be on top of all your tasks from the get-go. But how do you ensure you’re prepared for listing? Make lists! Lots of lists! And when making those lists, ensure you consider everything down to the last detail, this will help you map out a realistic timeline for each of the items on your to-do list.

7 Essential Things to Consider When Selling Your Brisbane Apartment

2. Make it look effortless

Think about when you last viewed an apartment or house you were considering buying – what caught your eye?

I always check the big things. For example, I check to make sure all of the big ticket items are in working order, if there is any noticeable damage we’ll need to fix up, and I also look out for anything which may require extra maintenance.

Buyers look at these things because they can potentially use these flaws to negotiate a lower price. Buyers will also take into consideration how much money future repairs may cost if they cannot get a lower price, and how long the repairs will take to fix if they need to conduct maintenance. However, the majority of homeowners will want something they can walk straight into and build a home. So if you’re preparing to sell your apartment, ensure you’ve conducted all of the necessary maintenance, repairs and paint touch-ups before inspection.

3. Remove excess furniture and belongings

While cleaning, take note of any excess furniture and belongings and remove them from the property while inspections are taking place. Not only will this make your apartment look bigger by opening up extra space, but it will also allow buyers to imagine themselves, and their belongings in the apartment.

7 Essential Things to Consider When Selling Your Brisbane Apartment

4. Eliminate odours

There is nothing worse than an unfortunate odour in a house you’re inspecting. You always end up imagining where those odours have originated from and how hard they will be to get rid of, so beat the buyers to the chase and get rid of smells before inspection!

5. Staging

While staging is not a universal fix for all apartments sales, it can help if your furniture is a little dated. Often selling a property includes not only decluttering but depersonalising. This means photos, personal details and any divisive artwork needs to be removed from the property. When selling a property, it’s essential to appeal to the masses and highlight the property’s features, and for many of us, that is not a natural talent. Furthermore, homeowners may find it hard to detach and be objective enough to remove all items necessary to appeal to a mass market. Staging can be a significant investment to help you sell your property and in some cases, can even add value to the property.

7 Essential Things to Consider When Selling Your Brisbane Apartment

6. Outsource if you don’t have time

Are you selling with short notice? Can’t find enough hours in the day to tick everything off your to-do list? Outsource the tedious tasks of cleaning, maintenance and styling! In the property market, it’s better to be over prepared than underprepared, because you never know what property the buyers have seen before yours.

7. Keep your apartment in showing condition

While your apartment is on the market, maximise your sales opportunities by ensuring your property is in showing condition. This means keeping the mess to an absolute minimum and being prepared for any ‘last minute’ inspections.

If you are looking to sell your Inner Brisbane City apartment contact Stephen Pahl today. Stephen is an expert in the industry with years of experience in Brisbane real estate and is passionate about achieving the dream price for his clients.

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