6 ways our Finance Brokers have helped others to save on their home loans

6 ways our Finance Brokers have helped others to save on their home loans

Using the right finance broker can put more cash in your pocket and reduce your mortgage commitments.  

Here are a few examples of how our recommended Brokers have helped clients recently:

  1. Refinance clients from Bank A to Bank B to save $2,206 per annum.
  2. Secure finance for a 1st home buyer who was only in her current employment for 6 weeks (most lenders want a minimum of 3 months current employment).
  3. Refinance client’s two existing investment properties from ‘interest only’ to ‘principal plus interest’ to save $995 per annum (interest rates on interest only loans are significantly higher than principal + interest).
  4. Finance secured for a first home buyer with a rate of 3.69% and annual package fee waived (client wanted a package to be able to re-negotiate terms & conditions in the future at no costs).
  5. Finance secured for female applicant going through a marriage separation to have their property and loan transferred to her name only AND save her money with a new lender. This is a very long and tedious task. We are very skilled in the process of marriage separations.
  6. Refinance clients from Bank A to Bank B with split loans of fixed and variable lending to save them $1,826 per annum. These clients are wanting certainty of repayments over the next 3 years as the female applicant has changed to part time work for now whilst the children are small.

Graeme Christiansen from Pivotal Financial is our in-house finance specialist who has over 20 years financial experience with investment management and consulting dominating his career. Pivotal Financial is RE/MAX Australia’s financial arm which was established for the benefit of RE/MAX consumers. Graeme is very passionate about what he does and is always available to help you with your current and future financial needs.

With so many elements to consider in deciding what’s the right loan for you –the home loan process can be sometimes overwhelming. With over 30 lenders Graeme can choose from, he can help reduce the pressure and possibly end up saving you thousands of dollars on your home loan and what is even better is he doesn’t work 9am  to 5pm but is available whenever is convenient to you.

If you would like to come and see Graeme and find out how he can assist you to save or would like a confidential discussion you can contact him directly. Contact Graeme on 0481 364 147 or graeme@pivotalfin.com.au