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5 Tips for Staging Your Home Like a Pro

5 Tips for Staging
Your Home Like a Pro

Selling your home isn’t the easiest task, but with a little know-how and the right team behind you, you can get it looking shipshape in a short amount of time, without spending too much money. Learn how to stage your home to appeal to potential buyers – here are five tips to get you started!
1. Create a Great First Impression

A buyer’s first impression of your home starts from the street, so ensure yours has kerb appeal with an inviting front entry and front door. All that’s needed for a spruce up is some simple maintenance. Things such as painting the letterbox, repairing the broken fence, mowing the grass, trimming the trees and clipping the hedge will do a world of wonders. You might want to replace that old, worn front door mat and get rid of any old shoes lying by the front door too.

Upon entering a staged home, you’ll almost always find a vase of fresh flowers gracing a living room table or a mantelpiece. But you don’t have to spend a fortune at a flower shop – just go for a garden-fresh flower arrangement from your backyard or visit your local community markets for a budget-friendly bouquet.

2. Say Goodbye to Clutter

Too much clutter can kill a home’s appeal for buyers. Think like a professional home stager and give your rooms a once over with a critical eye. If anything doesn’t make the cut, store it in the garage or donate it to your local secondhand store (unless it’s a family heirloom, of course).

Next, clear off the kitchen and bathroom counters so they have minimal products and accessories. Think hotel-like with quality handwash placed near the bathroom sink and minimal accessories on your kitchen bench.


3. Group Furniture Socially

A living room’s furniture should not only look attractive but also serve a functional purpose. For example, if it’s all pushed up against the walls it may give you a sense of more space, but it’s not going to make room for comfortable conversation. Put yourself in the mind of the buyer and reposition sofas and chairs, so they are grouped more socially. Try to make the traffic flow user-friendly as well guiding people through a room, rather than blocking them off.


4. Make a Visual Statement

Add a quirky focal point to a room, whether this means colour coding your bookshelves, or displaying a great piece of art or a creative coffee table arrangement. But don’t just choose a stereotypical spot or it may go unnoticed, vary patterns and groupings to make them more eye-catching. For example, style your coffee table with a bright floral arrangement in an attractive vase, or place a small group of items unified by a similar colour, texture or shape but vary the height and width. Odd numbers work best when grouping, especially trios.


5. Highlight Home Lighting

One of the most important things you can do to stage your home is to take a look at the current lighting situation, especially for evening showings. Firstly, consider if the ambient (general or overhead) lighting is adequate for what the room is used for. For example, a lounge may have a piece of art that could be illuminated with an accent light. Banish a dark corner by introducing a sconce or table lamp. Kitchens need task or pendant lighting for the counter, as do bathrooms for the mirror. The overall goal is to infuse your home with warm and welcoming lighting. It may seem like an unnecessary expense, but it really can make a world of difference if you can get it right.


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